Alt:ernative: The Passing of the Buffstick…

The Godmother at Alt:ernative: In a week’s time, the Hunter Buffstick will be no more :(

The enormity of this Pandarian change is only just beginning to sink in. NO MORE MELEE WEAPONS FOR HUNTERS. No need to annoy druids by rolling on polearms or staffs. Rogues get to keep daggers and axes and, after seven years, I only have a ranged weapon for company.


This is a big deal folks. No really, it is! I’ve grown up with Dual Wield! I remember the joy of finally owning a matching pair of weapons (ZG 20, eyethankyew) when buffsticks WEREN’T EVEN INVENTED ^^ In fact, the earliest screenshot I can unearth of P (March 21st, 2009) has her rocking twin daggers . . . read full article