Where the Wild Things Are: Glimmer

Kalliope: As promised, today we take a closer look at Glimmer, the surprisingly sneaky red water strider. Our next stop will be the Valley of the Four Winds.

Hey everyone! Kalliope here to inform you that the carrier has arrived. While the alliance are busy giving the horde the business, let’s take advantage of their collectively diverted attention to observe Glimmer wandering about the Jade Forest.

He’s a level 85 water strider, which makes him an exotic pet. Be sure you’re specced as beast mastery before trying to tame him.

Once tamed, he’ll have two unique abilities. The first, still water, provides a 10% spellpower and 5% crit raid buff. The second, surface trot, grants a 10 minute waterwalking buff to both him and his hunter. . . . Read full article

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