WoW Hunters Hall July Traffic Report

It’s time for the July report — which is exciting since Tabana reminded me that I completely missed June’s report. Let’s just say that June was something in between May and July. And July was a good month for the WHH, fully recovered from the horrible traffic dip brought on by the Diablo III. And best of all traffic is trending slowly but steadily upward and MoP approaches.

Traffic Overview

In July WoW Hunters Hall had 56,717  visits and 145,965 pageviews, with a total of 33,645 unique visitors. This is a nice bump up from May in all categories. Looking at the trend and knowing the Mists is imminent, it’s probably safe to say that we’ll be moving substantially higher for the next couple of months. Traffic will likely peak in September, drop a bit in October, and then decline a bit for November and more in December. We’ll see how right my predictions are!

The traffic split between search engines, referring sites, and direct visits is shifting further and further toward search engine traffic — disproportionately so. Referral visits fell from May, though that’s mostly likely due to whether or not I make a big reference to the WHH on WoW Insider.

Referring Sites

The top referring sites (sites with a link to WoW Hunters Hall that people clicked on to get here) breaks down as follows:

Not a lot of big movement in the referring sites in July, except that WoW Insider plummeted down compared to May (when I linked to the WHH in an article). Note that the big spike in traffic the WHH got on July 31 was from the WHU when I linked to Tabana’s write-up on the new rare pets found in the beta.


Transmogrification continues to be a big driver of WHH traffic with tons of transmog related searches, and we still have people hunting for the MoP release date — though we finally have an actual answer for them. The top non-branded keyword phrases driving traffic were:

  • hunter transmog
  • hunter transmog sets
  • wow hunter
  • wow hunter transmog
  • mop release date speculation
  • hunter tier 14
  • hunter transmog ideas
  • season 12 pvp gear

Hottest Hunter Articles

Of the 145,965 pageviews WoW Hunters Hall received in July, 14.68% were the home page. After that the top viewed pages were as follows. Note that while this is interesting data, articles posted early in the month have an advantage, and those posted at the very end have a severe disadvantage (given the amount of time they have to collect views for the month).

The huge winner this month was again Tabana’s collection of hunter transmogrification resources, which captured a massive chunk of the WHH traffic, and coming in second is the list of hunter PvP guides.

Oh Noes! Profit!

I also realized that for the first time the WHH has actually made a profit from the Google ads, to the tune of about $15 bucks a month for the past couple of months (over and above the $7/month hosting fees). Since we don’t actually want to make money here I’ve made a $30 donation to the International Wolf Center.

If anyone has a better idea of what to do with any wee profits in the future, let me know, but I feel like donating to the Wolf Center is a pretty hunter-worthy cause in the mean time.

Regional Stats

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