Where the Wild Things Are: An Overview of the Mists of Pandaria Rares

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pet Blog: As we count down the days to Pandaria, I’ll be taking you through a video tour of the nine rares who will be released with the expansion, starting with this overview.


Hey everyone, this is Kalliope from the Petopia forums, here to give you a quick look at the nine rare spawn beasts who will be awaiting hunters in Pandaria on September 25th.

Back in patch 4.2, hunters were treated to 10 challenge tames. Each beast required hunters to figure out its taming mechanics and successfully execute them. Trial and error could often prove fatal.

The first wave of rare Pandarian beasts may not be anywhere near as deadly, but they’re just as cunning. They still test hunters’ skills, but rather than requiring swift reflexes, their focus is on tracking. . . . Read full transcription

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