Zumio: The 10 BEST things about Hunters in MoP!

Zumio: In this video I show you the 10 best and most powerful changes being made to the hunter class in the new expansion! The beta is fresh and fun, and I am enjoying playing it but I thought I would make this video to give the hunter community a general idea of where our class is going over the next few months, and what direction Blizzard seem to be taking us in. Even tried my best to add in some humour… I hope you enjoy it as I worked very hard on this video!

I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions on the hunter class, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it! Please note that this video looks at the hunter class from a PvP perspective as opposed to a PvE perspective, as all my interest in WoW is PvP based!

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  1. Feint – Tower of Heaven
  2. Feint – From Butterflies to Hurricanes
  3. Rameses B – Memoirs (Feint Remix)

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