JS Hunter Bar/Serenity: The Future and MoP

Several years ago JSorrentino wrote an awesome add-on for hunters called JS Hunter Bar. The add-on eventually evolved into Serenity, which many of us (myself included) rely on today. JS took a break from the game but he’s now back and working on preparing JS Hunter Bar for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion.

JSorrentino: Hello all my friends that still play! Just a bit of a news update to the worried individuals that have been riding my ass about MoP and Serenity. You can read my post on the curse serenity comments section, so I’m not repeating it. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/serenity?comment=84

Long story short here, JSHB is coming back. It’s coming back as it should – being directed at your DPS and not extra “pretty shit” that’s not helping you with DPS and, in the end, cluttering your UI.

JSHB will have most of the features of Serenity, but will be done as add-on modules (separate addons, to be precise!) – thus allowing it to remain small and fast, which a true raiding hunter needs.

I need input from those of you that have used JSHB in its glory as to what features you need, want and would love to see removed.

Thanks all, look forward to replies!


Please leave feedback for JS in the JSHB: The Future and MoP thread on the MMO Champion hunter forum.

I took the screenshot a year ago for a guild forum UI thread; it shows both Serenity and the Gnosis castbar add-on in action.

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