All-hunter 10M group downs Morchok

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: Our run last Saturday was informative, if not entirely successful.  But it’s good news overall.

Let’s not bury the lead: an all-hunter 10M group from Icecrown downed Morchok!

Epic thanks to those who stayed after the scheduled raid time to give this a shot.  I have a video, but won’t be posting it yet.  My goal is to go back and record a less sloppy kill, while possibly trying one other boss in DS.

Now the less epic news: despite a dedicated group, we could not down Shannox nor could our pets tank Baleroc for some epic heal meters, even with the presence of “normal” healers.  Both are effectively impossible.  No big loss though, we’re still up to seven downed bosses in this expansion. . . . Read full article

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