New Hunter Gear in MoP Build 15913

The new hunter items added in Build 15913 are listed below. The items were pulled from the databases. If you find any errors or omissions please leave a comment.

For a complete list of MoP hunter gear see the WHH MoP Hunter Gear Guide and Hunter Season 12 PvP Gear.

Gladiator’s Pursuit set bonuses were buffed:

Ranged Weapons






The “elite” and “heroic elite” rings are new versions of Regali’s Band, and there are now five different ilvl versions of this ring. The elite items are obtained by defeating Protector Kaolan last on the Protectors of the Endless encounter.

Gem (PvP)

Stormscale Set

This mail set is crafted by Leatherworkers and the items have random stats.

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