Zumio: Duels vs Lordofmagic, 2600 Frost Mage

Zumio: After noticing the comments on the previous Frost Mage Duel Guide I decided to make another video just to give you a bit more insight into how the fight generally works. A lot of people seemed to be unhappy with the way the Mage played in the other video, and I’d just like to say that my whole strategy vs Frost is to prevent them from playing how they would like to play (extremely offensive). Hunters are literally the only class (okay, perhaps rogues) that can force a mage to play very defensively in 1v1, stopping a lot of their damage and keeping the fight short.

In this video Lord tries out a lot of the tactics suggested in the comments, and you’ll see how easily I am able to counter them with decent use of Roar of Sacrifice to prevent damage (Mages rely on crits) plus dealing damage myself at the right times to put him under serious pressure. He puts up a much better fight than 95% of frost mages I come across, so please cut him some slack. After all he has played at 2600 rating.

I did not put a lot of editing time into this video as I did not feel that it was necessary, I just made it to address some of the comments in the previous Frost Mage video.

Enjoy the fights!

1) Pegboard Nerds – Rocktronik

Check out www.youtube.com/MonstercatMedia for more awesome music! (The song I used is actually a free download, so give them some love)!

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