WHU Tackles BoT

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: I’m still waiting for the first 25M all-hunter raid where we don’t kill anything.  It’s going to happen eventually.  I’m just glad it hasn’t happened yet.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker (22M)

  • I think we got moderately lucky with drakes (Time, Nether, Slate), and they died quickly.
  • We downed two, then nuked Halfus (we left Slate up).
  • I am tanking for the video below, and tanked the first drake that we downed (Time)
  • The tricky part was Halfus himself.  He absolutely destroyed our tank pets.  At best, with all cooldowns rolling, our tanks were able to stay up for about 15 seconds.  You’ll see me rez my pet a couple times, because I’d grab top threat and blow all my pet’s mitigation cooldowns in an attempt to give our dps’ers precious seconds. . . . Read full article
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