Icy Veins: Survival Hunter Mists of Pandaria Rotation Changes, Talents, and Glyphs

Vlad at Icy Veins: In preparation for the updates to our guides for Mists of Pandaria, we are releasing articles such as this one, explaining what has changed for a particular class and spec, and what the new rotation is likely to be.

Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress (both from Blizzard’s side and from our own) and that this article assumes you are at least somewhat familiar with the Cataclysm version of the Survival Hunter rotation and playstyle (such as from reading our guide).

We will first list the most important changes to the Survival Hunter Cataclysm abilities, and then we will proceed to explaining the (likely to be) optimal rotation. Keep in mind that we do not document every single change or new ability, only those that impact the rotation.

Finally, we will give you some information about the most useful talents and glyphs you should choose.

New abilities: Tier 4 talents offer you a choice between Fervor and Readiness (and Thrill of the Hunt, but this is a passive talent). We currently believe that Fervor is the least attractive choice. Which of the other two is a larger DPS gain remains to be determined, but it is important to note that Readiness can also help you reset cooldowns of useful abilities such as Deterrence. . . . Read full article

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