June’s Uber Basic Beginner’s Guide To Huntering Part 2

Juneper at Juneper’s Hunt: This is part 2 in the Uber Basic Beginner’s Guide To Huntering series. In this post,I’ll cover levels 15-30, and we’ll look at PvP / PvE, spells, where to quest and keybinds. For part 1, click here.

While levels 15-30 are often considered unmemorable rookie levels, I think they’re great. You finally get to do battlegrounds, dungeons open up and after having to run everywhere you finally get that %R%* mount. So what’s in store for first time hunters?

At level ten, you’re able to go into battlegrounds. Not only do battlegrounds give you great XP, they also give you pretty good practice to think fast and mess with your spells to see well, what they do against an opponent slightly stronger than Hogger. As a hunter, you’ll do pretty good damage. At the same time, you’re pretty squishy too. The trick is to always try to keep your distance, but as warriors and the like have nasty charges, you can’t always prevent them from getting all up in your grill. Luckily, hunters get a few spells/abilities for greater survivability rather early in the game, which compensates for your squishy-ness a little . . . Read full article

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