Hunter Transmogs: Three Dark Rangers and a Paladin

Slashwho at /who Rayaan has put together three Dark Ranger sets and a Paladin look-a-like transmog for hunters. Of the Dark Ranger sets, Slashwho wrote:

I tried to keep these fairly simple and “introverted” by picking less flashy bows and smaller shoulders. Personally, I’d use Blackened Spear for the melee weapon since the green agility glow kinda wrecks it. All use the wrath pvp helms and most items have duplicate skins, so these should be fairly easy to obtain.


Note that the [Dark Ranger] NPC’s wear almost exclusively leather and sometimes wield daggers. I don’t RP but if you do, you could probably get closer without the confines of armor type.

Dark Ranger Transmog in Red


Darn Ranger Transmog in Blue


Dark Ranger Transmog in Green


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Slashwho also put together a Paladin-like set for her hunter:

I’ve had this gun in my bank for awhile now. I was messing around with Mogit today trying to find other sets for the pvp cowls and ended up working on this. I wanted it to feel…paladiny? I think the helm started deviating from that but it ended up looking so unique that I kept it. Really wish those shoulders weren’t LW only but I’m starting to think it would be worth it to drop JC on my hunter and pick up LW for BoP xmog items >.>

Items used

Paladin-like Transmog for Hunters

Paladin Transmog with Sword


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This article is included in the WHH Hunter Transmogrification Guides & Resources compilation.

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