MoP Hunter Videos and Video Guides

MoP Hunter Videos and Video Guides (WoW Beta)

Tabana: This guide lists MoP hunter videos that describe, demonstrate, and discuss the changes hunters will be undergoing in Mists of Pandaria and also documenting various hunter/pet bugs. It is in reverse chronological order, with the newest videos listed first. The videos are indexed according to the beta patch in effect at the time they were made, with the newest videos listed last.

Videos about hunter leveling strategies and videos that show Pandaren hunter animations are also included.

This guide to MoP hunter videos is part of the WoW Hunters Hall collection of MoP Guides that includes guides to all of the new hunter abilities, gear, glyphs, gems, enchants, and pets.

General Videos

Pandaren Hunter Animations

Hunter Changes in Mists of Pandaria

Pre-Patch Beta

First Beta Patch

Patch 15589

Patch 15640

Patch 15657

Patch 15662

Patch 15689

Patch 15699

Patch 15739

Patch 15799

Screenshot from video by MisterUhm

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