Juneper’s Hunt: Basic Beginner’s Guide To Huntering

Juneper at Juneper’s Hunt: I have been toying with the idea of writing an extremely basic hunter guide for those who have just started playing the hunter class, and as I am in the process of leveling my second hunter, I figured it’s a nice opportunity to pen down some tips and tricks for those who are completely new to this wonderful class!

In this part, I’ll cover some of the basics from levels 1-15: we’ll take a look at what a hunter does, a basic hunter’s rotation, talent specs, pets and hunter stats. So let’s get started!

What does a hunter do besides shooting at things from a distance? Warlocks have pets. Should I be a warlock? 
Hunters are primarily ranged DPS. We don’t really melee, even though we do equip two-handed weapons and have some melee spells to defend ourselves. Our best damage is done at ranged distance, which makes sense because, well, we’re hunters! Furthermore, we are pretty good at crowd controlling, setting traps and  snaring or silencing enemies. Next to that, hunters provide awesome buffs for parties and raids from our spec and pets which we can easily switch around, depending on the situation.

And as for being a warlock, they, or any other class for that matter, will never be as handsome and badass as hunters. It is generally known that:

“Hunters have smoldering good looks by nature, that reduces the opposite gender to a quivering pile of desire. Sometimes the same gender too. We just look that good. It’s a blessing and a curse, except not actually at all curse-like”

Shots and abilities in the first few levels

At level 1, you start out with Arcane Shot and your trusty pet. Arcane Shot will, for most of your leveling career, be one of the more hard hitting spells, but, as it costs 25 focus just to fire one – that’s a quarter of your total focus – it is not an ability you will want to use endlessly. That’s where Steady Shot, available at level 3, comes in. The shot doesn’t do as much damage as Arcane Shot, plus it has a cast time of  2 seconds, but each Steady Shot you cast restores 9 focus, making it an awesome “filler-shot” to use in between other shots; at a later stage, from level 15 upwards or so, you will want to mix up your Arcane Shots (and specialization-signature shots – depending on what spec you choose to play) with your Steadies, to keep your damage up while regenerating enough focus to cast your high damage spells. . . . Read full article

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