Survival PvE Guide for 4.3

Survival Hunter Guide 4.3

Hunter Deceitful has posted an updated guide to playing the Survival spec on the Official WoW Hunter Forum:

I) Why Survival?
II) The Spec/Glyphs
III) Pets
IV) Gems, Enchants, Reforges, and Fun!
V) The Survival Priority
VI) Other Awesome Hunter Resources!
VII) Special Thanks

Annnnd here we go, queue the music!

I) Why Survival?

There are three main reasons that survival is awesome in 4.3: simplicity, fluidity, and of course damage.

Simplicity: Survival is perhaps the easiest of the three hunter specializations to play. While Marksmanship needs to deal with keeping the Improved Steady Shot buff up and Beast Mastery requires much pet management, Survival does not have any overly complicated tactics (more will be described in the Survival Priority section!).

Fluidity: Along with being simple, Survival is extremely fluid. The spec is much less punishing towards beginners compared with Marksmanship (the Improved Steady Shot buff can be very clunky). Along with that, its damage on the move is awesome, with the only casted spell being cobra shot.

Damage: Currently, Survival DPS is the highest among the three specializations by a large margin. With the buffs to Explosive Shot and Black Arrow in 4.3 as well as the awesome tier 13 2-set bonus, Survival passed Marksmanship on the awesomeness scale. Also, Survival AoE is the strongest, with Improved Serpent Sting, Serpent Spread, and Explosive Trap being much more powerful than MM or BM’s counterparts. Lastly, as stated before Survival’s damage on the move is great, as basically all of our spells are instant cast.

II) The Spec

Here is the most common hunter spec in 4.3:

While there is not much variance, you DO have the choice of moving your two talents from Hunter vs. Wild. Talk about no more cookie cutter specs! The extra stamina is fairly strong as it increases your survivability . . . Read full post

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