Zumio: MoP Beta – In Depth Analysis of ALL Hunter Glyphs!

Zumio: A lot of people were requesting this video after I made the talent ones, so here it is! In it I explain and test each and every glyph available to hunters on the MoP beta at the moment, and give my views on which ones are awesome/lacklustre. It seems a lot of my viewers don’t have access to the beta and so I will try to bring out as much content on hunters as I can so that you can see the direction in which Blizzard is taking our class. I hope you find this video useful (it’s quite talky!).

Zumio 1 is being released on Friday! I included a small message and clip of it at the end (if you managed to watch the video all the way through till then, props to you!). I have literally spent weeks gathering clips and editing it so I hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out. Learned a lot whilst doing it, you can expect future duel guides to have some extra editing which will make them somewhat better :)

For now, enjoy this video!

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