WHU: Ghostcrawler on Black Arrow & Serpent Spread

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union:

Back in town and tons of hunter news to catch up on. I’ll probably be making several posts today catching up with all the latest beta info, as well as updating the MoP guides page to reflect the various changes (and I have some work to do over on WHH too). But to begin, Ghostcrawler weighed in on the changes to Black Arrow. As you’ll recall, MoP beta had Black Arrow with a 2-second cast time (and didn’t combo with Aspect of the Fox, so you absolutely could not cast it on the move) but in exchange everything in the path of Black Arrow got a DoT applied to it.

Unfortunately this replaced Serpent Spread, and was a pretty horribly crummy replacement at that . . . Read full article

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