MM Hunter vs. Feral Druid – Dueling Guide

Zumio: Only a week after we sent rogues back to the shadows, another stealthy class has arisen! Feral druids are among the toughest classes for a hunter to beat, with incredibly potent damage and quite possibly the best mobility in the game. It took a while for me to formulate a decent tactic versus them, but once I knew the ins and outs of the fight and had a rough idea of how to counter their various abilities, the fight was very simple (but still tough)! One thing I forgot to mention in the video – you MUST use concussive shot glyph versus ferals. Pays dividends!

It’s completely understandable that you have problems with ferals – they are perhaps my most requested class to do a guide on, above even rogues and warlocks. Just be sure to practice a few of the techniques that I demonstrate in my video, and even the most seasoned feral will be just another beast to put in your stables!

I would like to do an FAQ video at the weekend. Please message me any question that you have and I’ll try my best to put it in the video (so long as it is reasonable)!

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This dueling guide is included in the WHH compilation of Hunter PvP Guides.

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