MM Hunter vs Subtlety Rogue – Dueling Guide

Zumio: The fourth installment in my Duel Guide series! Pretty much every request I get is for a duel guide vs rogues – you ask and I deliver! I’ll show you exactly how to counter rogues’ abilities and beat them every time as a hunter in a 1v1 scenario. They are a pretty tricky class for us to beat – perhaps the hardest of all melee classes, but if you react fast and play to their weaknesses you can win almost every time! This is a LONG video – the reason for this is that duels vs rogues are a lengthy affair, and can last around 5 minutes.

It’s completely understandable that you have problems with rogues if you are new to PvP. Don’t beat yourself up over it – literally everyone does, I got completely destroyed by rogues when I was new to the game. Just follow a few of the pointers I give you in here and practice the techniques I demonstrate, you’ll be a seasoned rogue killer before you know it!

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This dueling guide is included in the WHH compilation of Hunter PvP Guides.

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