Hunting Party Podcast: Episode 104 Recap

It’s a very Hunter Blizzcon folks! Darkbrew and Euripides talk about the hunter changes and break down the new talent system and what it means for PvE and PvP.

Frostheim reports live from the event where his Ghostcrawler tracker was in full working order. Frostheim tells us what GC had to say on a number of topics such as PvP, dual-wielding, GC’s favorite hunter podcast, and the possibility of a certain female dwarf getting and in-game item in patch 4.3.

Hosts: Darkbrew and Euripides are on for the whole show with Frostheim joining them after the break from Blizzcon. Alisaunder does pipe up from time to time.

This week’s questions were to be ranked by merit (for a change), only they never got to Q&A before end of the show.

Elimination of Minimum Range – 3:00
Darkbrew, Euripides, and Alisaunder are all very excited by the elimination of minimum range. Although raids in Cataclysm have been designed to prevent minimum range from being detrimental to hunters, minimum range has still been a problem in PvP and in some PvE situations.

Elimination of Melee Weapons – 5:45
Good riddence. We don’t need to share range weapons with other classes. This will, however, prevent the taunting of feral druids with rare melee weapons.

Clean up Spell Book and Rotation Improvements – 9:15
Information on these features is still a little vague.

New Talent System – 11:25
Each tier of the new talent system is gone over with speculation as to which talents will be good under which curcumstances.

Annual Pass – 33:50
Diablo III, MoP beta access and a new mount all for agreeing to subscribe to WoW for the next year.

Answers Frostheim got from Ghostcrawler at Blizzcon
Q: Does Ghostcrawler listen to the podcast? – 36:45
A: Ghostcrawler listens to the Hunting Party Podcast. He listens to a lot of podcast but he switches it up from week to week.

Q: Will Pet Talents stay the way they are? – 38:42
A: Any pet will be able to be tenacity, cunning or ferocity. GC isn’t entirely sure what will happen to pet talents. They may just be done away with or maybe it would be similar to what they are doing to the player talents, if they can come up with good choices.

GC mentioned that an item has been named after Zeherah. – 42:45

Q: Is hunter PvP a problem right now? – 44:00

A: It’s bad. None of the small changes have worked and it’s all about focus.

Q: What kind of tools does Blizzard use to evaulate DPS? – 49:00
A: They have good tools. They can create bots that will do rotations perfectly. But they also look at tools like World of Logs because sometimes that data can shape player perception.

Q: Duel wield ranged weapons? – 52:20
A: It’s not something that Blizzard is actively working on, but it might be cool. However, the animations don’t exist and bows present a problem.

Q: Stampede? – 54:40
A: It’s been talked about, but if it happens it wouldn’t be something where you could control them.

Extra Bonus:
A short after show is included in this episode with more of Frostheim’s thoughts on Blizzcon.

The full Podcast can be found here.

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