Hunter Comp Wins Blizzcon Arena Tournament

Eidotrope at OutDPS:  The big news of the 2011 Global Invitational is that a team with a hunter on it managed to come out on top.  And it is news because, well, nobody expected any team with a hunter to do this well.

The winning team was OMG, a PHDK comp of a holy paladin, a marksman hunter, and an unholy death knight.  In the final they went up against Skill Capped, a team of a holy paladin, a frost mage and an affliction warlock.  The matches are fun to watch and pretty tense at times.  You can find the videos here.  You can watch them without a virtual ticket.

(You can also check out another short article here about Blizzcon news, and also drop a comment here to congratulate Zeherah for her in-game item!)

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