Blizzcon Hunter News

A summary of some major Hunter news that has just been announced over in Anaheim. Just waiting on Frostheim to get us some exclusives with GC and Metzen.

By far the two biggest announcements have to be “Minimum Range – Gone!” and “Melee Weapons – Gone!” Although the news that any pet can use any spec (Ferocity, Tenacity or Cunning), is also fairly big. Cunning Fox anyone?

Then there’s the announcement about Talents 2.0 this is the news that players will only have one talent tree, with one talent point gained every 15 levels, starting at level 15. There will be 3 talents to choose from but you can only choose one talent per tier. Details of the Hunter talents/abilities and the level they can be chosen are included in the screenshots below, these have been screen-capped from the Live Stream (Full res versions are linked at the bottom of the page for ease of viewing).

Level 15 talents

Frozen Arrows – Your arrows and ammunition are chilled with frost, causing your Auto Shot to have a 30% chance to reduce the targets movement speed by 30% for 10 sec.
Arcane Arrows – Your arrows and ammunition are infused with arcane magic, causing your Auto Shot to have a 50% chance to restore 5 Focus when it deals damage.
Venom Tipped Arrows – Your arrows and ammunition are mixed with serpent venom, causing a stacking poison damage over time effect on the target dealing Nature damage. Stacks up to 5 times.

Level 30 talents

Silencing Shot – A shot that silences the target and interrupts spellcasting for 3 sec.
Wyvern Sting – A stinging shot that puts the target to sleep for 30 sec. Any damage will cancel the effect. When the target wakes up, the Sting causes 2190 Nature damage over 6 sec. Only one Sting per Hunter can be active on the target at a time.
Intimidation – Command your pet to intimidate the target, causing a high amount of threat and stunning the target for 3 sec. Lasts 15 sec.

Level 45 Talents

Posthaste – Your movement speed is increased by 60% for 4 sec after you use Disengage.
Evasiveness – Increases your chance to dodge attacks and resist spells by 100% for 3 sec when you use Disengage.
Exhilaration – When you Disengage, you are instantly healed for 15% of your total health when you successfully land.

Level 60 Talents

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera – Whenever you are hit by a melee attack, the cooldown of your Disengage is instantly reduced by 4 sec. Whenever you are hit by a ranged attack or spell, the cooldown of your Deterrence is instantly reduced by 8 sec. These effects have a 2 sec cooldown.
Aspect of the Iron Hawk – Your Aspect of the Hawk now also reduces all direct damage taken by 15%.
Spirit Bond – While your pet is active, you and your pet will regenerate 2% of total health every 5 sec.

Level 75 Talents

Fervor – Instantly restores 50 focus to you and your pet.
Readiness – When activated, this ability immediately finishes the cooldown on all Hunter abilities.
Thrill of the Hunt – You have a 15% chance when you use fire a shot that costs focus to instantly regain 100% of the focus cost of the shot.

Level 90 Talents

Flash Freeze – Your freezing trap no longer has a cooldown, but only one target can be afflicted by it at a time.
Black Ice – Increases the movement speed reduction of your Ice Trap by an additional 10% and when you move through your Ice Trap you gain 50% movement speed for 4 sec.
Transmorph Trap – Place a nature trap laced with a special toxin that will transmorph the next enemy into a beast reducing their movement speed by 60% and causing them to be unable to use any of their normal abilities.

Finally, just as a recap, the full talent tree…

Any initial thoughts on what talents you think you’ll be choosing when the expansion goes live? Or comments about our “Stat Sticks” being removed and us now having to come the conclusion that every item is no longer a Hunter item.

Talent Screenshots (Large Versions)

Level 15 | Level 30 | Level 45 | Level 60 | Level 75 | Level 90 | All

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