Blizzcon Hunter Meetup!

Warcraft Hunters Union Site

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: For all of you hunters (or non-hunters) attending Blizzcon, please join the rest of us at the official WHU Hunter meetup. We’ll be meeting at the Hilton lobby bar on Friday night from 8pm local time on. The Hilton is directly across the sidewalk from the entrance to the convention center, making it the easiest to find location possible.

The lobby bar is just inside the main entrance, and down the hall a bit from the side entrance.

Interestingly, I don’t know of any other hunter bloggers who are attending Blizzcon this year (I met Morynne of Marks-365 at the WoW Insider party last year), but I do know that your odds of running into awesomeness at the Hunter Party is high.

To begin with, I’ll be there — and I’ll wear a black bandana so that people can recognize me easily among the crowds. We can also expect to be rubbing elbows with Michele Morrow — I understand principle photography on her movie was delayed just long enough for her to attend Blizzcon, and I’m sure Dawn Moore can be pressed into showing. There are also plenty of other WoW luminaries that are drawn to parties and the Hilton bar in general — there I met Cranius, Legs, Oxhorn, many of the cast of the Guild, and even Ghostcrawler himself. I understand that Revulva from Ask Mr. Robot will be there and you can bet that I’m inviting him to the hunter party as well…….Read Full Article.

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